Prepare for your interview

Technical interview

Behavioral-based interview

The STAR method is a structured manner of responding to a behavioural-based interview question by discussing the specific situation, task, action, and result of what you're describing.

Set of questions

You should not be winging your behavioural interviews. ~lilykonings

99% of the questions are variations of the same basic topics, and thinking of an answer on the spot can be really hard. So internalize your experiences ahead of time and come prepared with some solid stories in your pocket. Here's the set of questions I always prepare for:

Past work

  • What was the biggest challenge?
  • What could you have done better?
  • Where would you take it next?
  • When was a time you failed or pivoted?


  • How do you handle conflict?
  • How do you divide up work?
  • When do you loop in your cross-functional partners?
  • How did you lead or coach others?


  • How would you approach a tight deadline?
  • How do you work within constraints?
  • How do you evaluate the success of your work?
  • How do you prioritize between different ideas?

Career values

  • What are your short- and long-term goals?
  • What are your biggest strengths and weaknesses?
  • What type of environment do you thrive under?
  • Why are you leaving your current company?

Being prepared to answer any of these and having some practice under my belt means I rarely get flustered in a behavioural interview anymore and come across as far more confident than I might actually feel.